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American Medical Billing Association (AMBA)

Code of Ethics and Conduct


Our standards of conduct and ethics were written and designed by the American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) and its members to promote integrity, support objectivity and foster trust.


AMBA Certified Providers utilize the standards of conduct, which reflect a commitment to the highest quality health data submission, as evidenced by its accuracy, reliability, timeliness and validity. We proudly follow the guidelines set forth by the AMBA, as follows:




AMBA Certified Providers perform an essential role in the health care industry. We have the responsibility of providing competent and professional services to those who retain out services, in addition to recognizing a continuing responsibility to maintain and improve services for the good of the general public.


Maintaining Objectivity and Impartiality


The principles of objectivity impose the obligation to be impartial, ineffectually honest, and free of conflicts of interest. Impartiality precludes relationships that may appear to impair our objectivity in rendering services. We must remain impartial and objective and free of conflicts of interest in discharging professional responsibilities and should be independent in fact and appearance when providing services. Objectivity is a state of mind, a quality that leads value to services provided.


Professional Due Care and Competence


AMBA Certified Providers observe our profession’s technical standards, strives continually to improve competence and quality of services, and discharges professional responsibility to their best ability. Due care requires one to discharge professional responsibility with competence and elegance. Competence begins with an understanding of the basic knowledge required to provide services. Competence represents the attainment and maintenance of a level of understanding and knowledge that enables one to render service with facility and acumen. Diligence imposes the responsibility to render services promptly and carefully, to be thorough.


Integrity and Objectivity


In the performance of any professional service, AMBA Certified Providers shall maintain objectivity and integrity, shall be free of conflicts of interest, and shall never knowingly misrepresent facts to clients or the public.



AMBA Certified Providers shall not disclose any confidential information unless instructed to do so by the Client. AMBA Certified Providers follow policies and laws regarding confidentiality.


Obey the Law


AMBA Certified Providers strictly observe all laws and regulatory requirements that apply to us morally and ethically.


Keep Accurate Records


AMBA Certified Providers are expected to comply with government requirements regarding record keeping. All records and reports are to be prepared accurately and retained in accordance with applicable requirements.


Report Information Truthfully


All communications regarding medical billing must be truthful and precise.


Behave Ethically


AMBA Certified Providers adhere to high ethical standards when we act on behalf of the medical billing profession.


Pledge Loyalty and Support


AMBA Certified Providers will be loyal to our profession, will avoid using our position for personal gain and will avoid conflict of interest.


Member Affirmation


I, ——————-, hereby promise to uphold the ethical standards as set by the AMBA, as outlined above. I pledge my loyalty and support of the AMBA and my clients.


Code of Ethics


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